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The 7 Wonders of Portugal- Wonder nº 3



One of our personal favourites…

The Alcobaça Monastery  is a Medievel Roman Monastery located in the town of Alcobaça, in the Oest subregion of Portugal. It was founded by the first Portuguese King, Afonso Henriques, in 1153, and maintained a close association with the Kings of Portugal throughout its history.

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The church and the Monastery were some of the first Gothic buildings ever to be built in Portugal.


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This beauty was considered a national monument by UNESCO in 1989.


In the transept of the church are located the tombs of King Pedro I and his mistress, Inês de Castro, who was assassinated, in 1355, under the orders of Peter’s father, King Afonso IV. After becoming King, Pedro ordered the remains of his beloved to be transferred to her tomb in Alcobaça and, according to a popular legend, made her be crowned as Queen of Portugal and ordered court members to pay her homage by kissing her decomposing hand.






















It is perhaps the most tragic and well known Portuguese love story that we never seem to forget… All Portuguese are well aware of this tragic love story!

The tombs are masterpieces of unknown origin… incredible in their gothic nature.

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The sides of Pedro’s tomb are magnificently decorated with reliefs showing scenes from Saint Bartholomew’s life, as well as scenes from Pedro and Ines’ life. Her tomb is decorated with scenes from the life of Christ, including the Crucifixion and with the Last Judgment.

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They are facing opposite sides so that they can see each other when their spirits rise to eternity.


The plant of the Monastery gives a clue of its sheer size.


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The Cloisters are simply huge and beautiful with a an incredible aura of peace and serenity.










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The surroundings of the Monastery offers to all the village of Alcobaça where one can walk its streets and be blown away by the exquisite Portuguese gastronomy the village as to offer!

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A very well spent day if you take our word for it!

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