X_TOURS_wood2 (3)


X_TOURS_wood2 (3)


We strongly believe that if you travel to a Country, not just ours, but any country, then there are a number of things that you just can’t miss. We’re not talking about the usual beautiful touristic places that we believe everybody should see but about those true and unique places that only someone with knowledge and insight can show…those secret places…the ones that will truly make the difference and make you feel you did the right choice by choosing the Tour. Any destination in Portugal can be chosen for an X-Tour as well as the number of days you wish for the tour to last. The X-Tours were created to be different from the other Tours in the sense that the costumer can choose where to go and what is included on the tour. Fundamentally it is a private tour bigger in length , with meals, monuments and experiences included. What is included can be changed there for the price will change as well. In truth the main objective of the X-Tours it is to experience a magnificent tour knowing that everything that you will be visiting is already paid for and the only thing you need is to seat back, relax and just let yourself be taken into this complete adventure.┬áThat are just so many absurdly beautiful things to see outside the normal Tourist routes.

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