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About Us

Luckycompass Tours is a small and familiar company. That’s the way we want to keep it so we can provide the same safe, secure and familiar environment to our clients without losing the professionalism. That way we can do these funny, amazing and historical tours to all the people who wish to know “fragments” of our country… we say fragments because unless you’re planning to stay for months it is virtually impossible to know everything. Portugal’s history, monuments, landscapes, gastronomy and people are very genuine and that’s the true essence of our Country. We don’t have space shuttles or big fancy limousines no. Nor do we need it!!What we do have are safe, comfortable vans driven by Educated and forthcoming people who love and know Portugal and will make sure that you will have a nice day by having a nice ride, by visiting amazing monuments, by tasting the incredible gastronomy we have to offer, by learning the most and best of the “fragment” that you’re visiting and above all witness the genuine and true Portuguese people. We do not pretend to be something that we are not. Safety, responsibility and transparency above all things when Touring. If people have nice memories of the Tours and all of the other experiences that they had in Portugal that means a job well done and that means people will have plenty of reasons to come back or to recommend Portugal to Others so that they can to have nice and pleasant experiences when visiting this beautiful country of ours. And once again honesty, there are hundreds of Touring Companies to choose from and we’re certain that all of them can do as well or even better as we can but what does the difference is the person leading the tour …we choose to really show who we are and what this country really is and that’s what we want to show you.

Thank you.

Rodrigo Fraga


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