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The 7 Wonders of Portugal- Wonder nº 2

The 7 wonders of Portugal- Wonder nº 2!


Taken from the Moors in 1148 the Municipality of Caldas Da Rainha was born from Óbidos.


In 2007 received the title of “wonder of Portugal” and with good reason.




The medieval atmosphere of this great little village is unique and spectacular and at least once in a lifetime everyone should experience it and feel it.


Every year for 12 days in July the town enters  a time bubble with its incredible market that transports  everything and everyone to an unparalleled medieval atmosphere…!

mercado 3






It is certainly an event not to be missed especially for all lovers of medieval times!!


mercado 1






Swords, jesters, maidens, knights, music, theaters, Historical Interpretations, Mead, tournaments, bows and arrows …. anyway …


mead 2






Shall we?


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